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Midsummer’s Day in North Finchley

Outside White Rose Motors in North Finchley High Road.

Sheltering outside a restaurant, in the midst of a downpour, in North Finchley High Road.

Pink rose…in Woodside Lane, N12.

A War Memorial, a Milestone and a…Whatever-it’s-called ;)

Some context for yesterday’s photographs…the North Finchley War Memorial.

Milestone, outside Sainsbury’s in North Finchley High Road.

Also outside Sainsbury’s, advertising the London Borough of Barnet’s contribution to the Diamond Jubilee 2012.

Post number 100: a rainy Easter Monday…and back to Southsea.

I really am not into cars, but this E-type Jaguar 4.2, parked in North Finchley High Road this afternoon, seemed worth a picture 🙂

Waterloo Station, London's busiest, with 90 million passengers a year apparently (Victoria comes second, with 70 million).

A rainy Guildford Station...funnily enough, on the coach journey to Victoria last Thursday, the young chap sitting next to me was going home to Guildford, after spending a week with his girlfriend at Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight :).

N12 Sunday…after sundown

Han Cafe, North Finchley High Road.

The Tally Ho pub, North Finchley.

The arts depot, Nether Street, North Finchley (behind the Tally Ho).

Sunday morning stroll down the High Road, N12.

North Finchley High Road, looking north, from near Lodge Lane.

High Road, N12, from the Tally Ho, looking north.

Trees in blossom, Swan Lane Open Space, London N20.


St. Patrick’s Day…North Finchley High Road.

Toolans Free House, North Finchley High Road.

O'Neill's, North Finchley High Road...where I had my pint of Guinness ;).

The Finchley Tavern, North Finchley High Road.

North Finchley and Kent…

Antique Shop Window, London N12


Quaint Van, North Finchley High Road


East Malling, Kent - Village Sign

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