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N12 Sunday…after sundown

Han Cafe, North Finchley High Road.

The Tally Ho pub, North Finchley.

The arts depot, Nether Street, North Finchley (behind the Tally Ho).

Frost in Finchley, a Film Theatre, and a Footbridge in Fareham.

Woodside Avenue, North Finchley.

BFI IMAX cinema, South Bank, London.

Pedestrian footbridge near Fareham Railway Station.


North Finchley and Kent…

Antique Shop Window, London N12


Quaint Van, North Finchley High Road


East Malling, Kent - Village Sign

Notes from a Small Island…

Collecting an EBay Buy-It-Now

Number 80, Dean Street, Soho, from where I collected an eBay item (a black Chinese mug) on New Year's Eve.

The Tally Ho, London N12, New Year's Day 2012

Reading matter for a train journey...

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