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A visit to East Malling, via Victoria Station…

After buying the return ticket to East Malling, I had maybe 40 minutes wait for the Ashford International train, so The Iron Duke on the station concourse beckoned, and this is the view out of a window, of the Apollo Victoria, where Wicked is currently playing….

East Malling villlage, from Mill Street, with the King and Queen pub on the left, and the tower of St. James’ Church visible at the end of Church Walk.

Further along Mill Street, on the left, is Upper Mill, with these Oast Houses, now converted to homes, but formerly with a practical use as hop-drying kilns, and a feature of some Kentish and Sussex landscapes.

A flower at the old Vicarage, an inspired piece of architecture, and the City of Westminster’s Coat of Arms…

In the garden of the old Vicarage, in East Malling High Street, Kent.

100, Victoria Street, Westminster…and I love this bit of modern archtecture :).

Further along Victoria Street, at number 64, the Coat of Arms on the City of Westminster council offices wall.

Life’s journey is too short sometimes…

14:37 Victoria to Ashford International.

Des Lynham’s Foreword to Helen Rollason’s ‘Life’s Too Short’


Church Walk, East Malling, Kent


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