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Fareham West Street, early evening

Anvil Man, The Vanguard (Wetherspoons) pub, and a bandstand, in Fareham West Street...

Anvil Man, The Vanguard (Wetherspoons) pub, and a bandstand, in Fareham West Street…

Anvil Man, by Stephen Lunn...

Anvil Man, by Stephen Lunn…

West Street, at around six-thirty this evening…

Another Fareham morning….

Red dress, white dress, in a shop in West Street.

A white building, also in West Street.

Anvil Man and his shadow, against the light, in West Street, outside Fareham Shopping Centre.

West Street, Fareham, early evening…

The children's play area, officially opened by The Princess Royal, on Tuesday of last week.


Even Anvil Man was spruced up for the occasion...


Miniature Tailors Dummies, in a shop window, in West Street.


Shadows and Shop Windows.

Drinky's Cafe Bar, by Fratton station, and Awful Shame.


Anvil Man's shadow, West Street, Fareham.


The Lime Hat, West Street, Fareham.



An Evening in Fareham

Anvil Man (revisited)...by English blacksmith/sculptor Stephen Lunn.

Karaoke Night at The Vanguard.

Fareham Station...homeward bound.



West Street, Fareham, street furniture et al…

'Horlicks', by Ken Orton, £275 (from £550)

Street Furniture, West Street ('Anvil Man' by Stephen Lunn).

Street Furniture, West Street 2

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