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A soirée with some old London work colleagues at the Nell of Old Drury…

Feeling a bit peckish, so I treated myself to a latke in pitta bread with houmous and salad from Gaby’s Deli in the Charing Cross Road…

The Apple Market at Covent Garden Piazza…

And so there we spent the evening reminiscing…and for the record, it was John, James, Mick, Lesley, Cathy, Catherine, Sara, Colin, Gavin and myself…on the first floor of the Nell of Old Drury, Catherine Street, Covent Garden….


West End, early Saturday evening…

Strangely paradoxical title for a new musical in a city such as London…’Loser Ville’ at the Garrick Theatre in the Charing Cross Road…

Lisle Street, in Chinatown, and that really is a bride in a white wedding dress at the far end of the street 😉

Curious happenings on the concourse of Charing Cross station at around five past seven this evening…but maybe I’ll keep you guessing ;).

A sultry day in London Town

A self-explanatory hoarding outside Salieri’s restaurant in the Strand.

The Hurly Burly Show, at The Duchess Theatre, in Catherine Street, off the Aldwych. I found it to be a slick, sophisticated, funny and entertaining Burlesque show, with, interestingly, an audience ratio of maybe 65 percent female and 35 percent male.

The Hippodrome Casino, at the southern end of the Charing Cross Road.

A Love Charing Cross Road Day…and monochrome homage to Wolf Suschitzky.

From the southern end of the Charing Cross Road…St Martin-in-the-Fields Church.

The Molly Moggs pub…on the corner of Old Compton Street and the Charing Cross Road.

Unlike Grace Jones (what a woman!), she may not have been singing…but she was pretty nifty with her hula-hoops nonetheless ;).

What a difference a day makes…twenty-four little hours :)

Looking downstream from Waterloo Bridge, on a sunny late afternoon in May…

Nelson Mandela, and his shadow, outside the Royal Festival Hall, on London’s South Bank.

The Garrick Arms pub, at the southern end of the Charing Cross Road…and a pub I’ve never stepped inside oddly enough…

Around and about Charing Cross…

Tourist taking a shine to a statue of Oscar Wilde in Adelaide Street, WC2.

Outside the Garrick Theatre in the Charing Cross Road.

A must-see…’Turner Inspired’ I mean ;).

London revisited…

Victoria Embankment with Cleopatra's Needle.


Southern end of the Charing Cross Road


Trafalgar Square, looking south...


A Little Place Off the Charing Cross Road…

London Chinatown – Gerrard Street/Gerrard Place

Chicago – Garrick Theatre, Charing Cross Road

Gaby’s Deli, Charing Cross Road

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