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A frock in a shop window, a roadside flower…and a truly excellent evening gig by the Manfreds…

Was tempted to upload another Halloween shop window photo…but this one appealed to me more…

A rain-spattered flower, in Southampton Road. Titchfield at lunchtime today…

Spent the best part of the evening watching the first gig of The Manfreds’ 50th Anniversary Tour at the Kings Theatre, Albert Road, Southsea, and it was easily the best gig I’ve seen in quite a while, with Paul Jones, Mike d’Abo, Tom McGuinness, Mike Hugg and others. It finished with dancing in the aisles and standing ovations…a great evening’s entertainment :).

Early morning reflections in West Street…and a sunset…in Fareham

‘Hold Onto The Night’ by Mark Spain, in the window of The Framing Centre, Fareham.

In The Fareham Gallery, West Street, Fareham.

Approaching Fareham railway station, early evening…

Another West Street Dawn…;)

Sunrise through a window at Fareham Railway station.


Red car on a silver platter, West Street, Fareham.


Early morning sky in West Street, Fareham.


In and around Fratton…

Platform One, Fratton Station

Avalon, Fawcett Road

J.D. Reclaim, Fawcett Road

Window shopping…

Painting, in Art & Framing, West Street, Fareham.

Hey, are you looking at me, kid?

Another Fareham Dawn


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