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A West Street sunrise…and a pink scooter in Southsea

Wandered along West Street, Fareham into the sunrise…

…and this is looking back along West Street heading towards Fareham station.

…and at the other end of the day, I picked up a couple of tickets for a Joan Armatrading gig at the Kings Theatre in Albert Road, Southsea, next Monday, then photographed this outside…for an upcoming production of ‘Grease’.

More from the Gosport Ferry…

Taken at around five to seven this morning, from aboard the Gosport Ferry.

Taken through the ‘Spirit of Gosport’ ferry’s window, around half-seven this evening.

Passengers hurrying to catch the ‘Spirit of Gosport’ ferry at Portsmouth Harbour early this evening.

Another West Street Dawn…;)

Sunrise through a window at Fareham Railway station.


Red car on a silver platter, West Street, Fareham.


Early morning sky in West Street, Fareham.


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