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Red girl and kangaroo, a piebald horse…and St Peter’s revisited…

A small graffito, in Sydenham Terrace, off Fratton Road, Portsmouth..

A piebald horse, grazing in a field, off Cartwright Drive, Titchfield…

Very similar composition to yesterday’s photo, but the blue sky was too much of a temptation, so I wandered back down to Titchfield village, and had a pint in ‘The Wheatsheaf’ pub whilst there ;).

Fareham, West Street… and St. Peter’s Church in Titchfield village…

Detail from Igor Andrukhin’s sculpture ‘The Horn of Plenty’ in West Street, Fareham.

Marilyn, Audrey, and a few cats…in a shop window (‘Room’) in West Street, Fareham.

St. Peter’s Church, Titchfield…taken during a lunchtime walk to the village.

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