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Portsmouth Harbour, early evening…

HMS Warrior, with the sun about to set.

Boat hulls, and the Spinnaker Tower.

Harbour sunset, with Gosport on the horizon.


Red, White and Blue at Tiffanys, The Spinnaker Tower, and No Junk Mail…

The Diamond Jubilee approaches…red, white and blue in Tiffanys, West Street, Fareham.

The Spinnaker, towering above Portsmouth Harbour station.

NO JUNK MAIL wanted at this house in Fawcett Road, Southsea ;).

Atop the Spinnaker Tower

A view of Southsea Common

Part of Portsmouth Dockyard and Portsmouth Harbour railway station…with the Gosport Ferry, HMS Warrior (1860) a distant HMS Victory, and an aircraft carrier also visible…

One of the three viewing platforms of the Spinnaker Tower, with Gosport in the middle distance, and the Isle of Wight on the horizon…

Leap Day 2012

Metro newspaper & weekly season ticket.


Great Wall Chinese Restaurant, Gosport.


Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth Harbour, as seen from Gosport.

Portsmouth Hard by Night

Victory Pub, Portsmouth Hard

National Express Ticket Machines, Portsmouth Harbour

Portsmouth Harbour, with Spinnaker Tower



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