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A dramatic Petersfield sky, a South Bank whirly-gig…and Jessica in excelsis

Taken through a train window at Petersfield station, en route from Portsmouth to Waterloo this evening…

A South Bank whirly-gig, in the Priceless London Wonderground, not far from the London Eye.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I witnessed the climax to Jessica’s wondrous gold-winning Olympic performance, in the company of several dozen other noisy and enthusiastic souls, in this free showing at the Royal Festival Hall this evening…and what a way it was to win a gold medal…or three ;).


South Bank curiosities……

Sweets of the World…in the Royal Festival Hall.

Curious notice in the Royal Festival Hall…but whatever, may they live happily ever after :).

The Queen Elizabeth Hall, where I eventually found some kind of refuge (and a welcome pint), from the crowds and the rain after last Sunday’s Thames pageant.

Two of my beloved South Bank…and one for wightvixen ;)

South Bank graffiti…in a space very popular with skate-boarders.

Frank Dobson’s ‘London Pride’, commissioned for the 1951 Festival of Britain, donated by Mary Dobson in 1987, and subsequently installed on the South Bank.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution station by Waterloo Bridge…and the curve of the Thames downstream towards Blackfriars Bridge.

What a difference a day makes…twenty-four little hours :)

Looking downstream from Waterloo Bridge, on a sunny late afternoon in May…

Nelson Mandela, and his shadow, outside the Royal Festival Hall, on London’s South Bank.

The Garrick Arms pub, at the southern end of the Charing Cross Road…and a pub I’ve never stepped inside oddly enough…

Good Friday at the South Bank…

The Cooperative Bus, South Bank.

Exhibition dancers at the Strictly Easter Ballroom event, in the Clore Ballroom, at the Royal Festival Hall.

Captain Franko, escapologist, aided by a lass from Glasgow, and a chap from the Czech Republic.

Down by Westminster Bridge…

On Westminster Bridge, looking downstream...

Westminster silhouette...

Young woman entertainer on the South Bank.

Down by Waterloo Bridge…


Cleopatra's Needle, Victoria Embankment.

Sculptures, South Bank.

Thames downstream from Waterloo Bridge.

Samaritans, South Bank Juggler & Free (Expat) Newspapers at Euston Station

New poster at Fratton station...


Juggler-cum-fire-eater...London's South Bank...spot the ball...and the photographer ;).


Free newspapers for London's diverse communities at Euston Station.


Frost in Finchley, a Film Theatre, and a Footbridge in Fareham.

Woodside Avenue, North Finchley.

BFI IMAX cinema, South Bank, London.

Pedestrian footbridge near Fareham Railway Station.


The Great Wen welcomes me home…

South Bank At Night (from Hungerford Bridge)


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