A photo (or three) a day for 2012.

Fareham West Street, early evening

Anvil Man, The Vanguard (Wetherspoons) pub, and a bandstand, in Fareham West Street...

Anvil Man, The Vanguard (Wetherspoons) pub, and a bandstand, in Fareham West Street…

Anvil Man, by Stephen Lunn...

Anvil Man, by Stephen Lunn…

West Street, at around six-thirty this evening…

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4 thoughts on “Fareham West Street, early evening

  1. Do you often have problems? I don’t know if it’s just me, but I quite often find that yours have been posted twice.

  2. Fairly often, although last night, the ‘New Post’ click took me to a completely different interface that I’d never seen before, and, in fact, there are two different photos uploaded to this post, the other one being ‘Anvil Man’ (haha, yet again!). However, to see it, you evidently have to click on the ‘Yellow Hat’ photo that you DO see when you visit the site, and then click a ‘Next Image’ option. All very strange, and I suspect it’s an update to the software that still has bugs. It’d be ironic, if I were to abandon this site before the year end, not because of a lack of photos or of self-discipline, but simply because I find the uploading process too frustrating! Anyway, we’ll see what happens when I attempt to update the site again this evening. Incidentally, did you not see a different ‘New Post’ interface when you uploaded yesterday?

  3. Further to the above, I guess whatever bug caused last night’s problems has now been sorted, so maybe this photoblog will arrive at the year end in one piece after all… 🙂

  4. As I always upload pictures directly from my phone via the mobile app, the desktop interface is a mystery to me. I can’t say that the app hasn’t given me the occasional nightmare though!

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