A photo (or three) a day for 2012.

The Lord Mayor’s Show, City Of London, 2012….and three photos just wouldn’t have been enough ;)

Gog and Magog, traditional guardians of the City of London…

An aesthetically pleasing musical arrangement ;).

These ballroom dancers are not strictly all they might seem ;).

Some vivacious souls dancing to Chubby Checker’s ‘Let’s Twist Again’ (Like We Did Last Summer)…

A colourful troupe :).

Paralympian beauty :).

Yorkshire is bidding to bring Le Tour de France to the county in 2014…

Traditional English Morris Dancers, strutting their stuff near Blackfriars Tube Station…

Alas, the golden carriage developed an axle fault near Blackfriars Bridge on the return journey to the City from the Royal Courts of Justice…and I heard one wag in the crowd asking a policeman if it had been clamped ;).

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4 thoughts on “The Lord Mayor’s Show, City Of London, 2012….and three photos just wouldn’t have been enough ;)

  1. secret squirrel on said:

    Fantastic photos! Feels like I was actually there.
    I’ve never heard of Gog and Magog before ~ very interesting ‘creatures’ 🙂
    I love the musical arrangement ~ and the ‘strictly’ pun ~ haha! Were they just one person and not 2, as appears from the costumes. Something along the lines of the YMCA ‘dummies’ (they were brilliant ~ have you seen them on TV ~ one man in the middle and the rest unreal 😉 )
    I hope you had a lovely day up there. 🙂

    Only 1 month to go and it seems like only yesterday you started 😉

  2. Thanks very much for your kind words; to say that it feels like you were actually there is quite a compliment :).

    Yes, you’re right about the dancers; the pairs were one live person and one dummy. I took other pictures which showed faces, which made it all a lot more obvious, but I also liked the left-to-right flowing in the above picture, so I chose it in preference to the others. No, I haven’t seen the YMCA dummies you refer to, but I’ll see if I can find it on YouTube later :).

    Despite the mishap with the carriage axle (the Lord Mayor hijacked a jeep instead I think ;)), it was a great procession and spectacle, and although London has other large parades (e.g. New Year’s Day, and the Notting Hill Carnival), the Lord Mayor’s Show is easily my favourite.

    Incidentally, there is a large military element to the procession, with marching soldiers and Army vehicles, which is impressive and enjoyable too, but I chose not to include any of it here, and to save the military posting for Remembrance Sunday instead ;).

    And, yes, this blog (at least in its present form) will end in around seven weeks’ time, but I won’t delete it for a while, as many of the old posts still get viewings (and occasional comments) and from all over the world…:).

  3. secret squirrel on said:

    Nooooooo! Definitely don’t delete it!!! You have some fabulous pictures on here, and it is great that people worldwide are getting to view, and comment too! I bet that makes it all the more worthwhile ~ that your hard work has been rewarded. 🙂

    My favourite part of the carnivals in the dim and distant past was hearing the millitary bands playing ~ always brought a tear though.

    It sounds like you had a very enjoyable day.

    Do you go places to take your pictures, or do you just go places anyway, so you take your camera along? Does that make sense ~ haha!

  4. Okay, I’ll leave the website up for a while beyond the year end, or at least until such time as they ask me for money to maintain it ;).

    As for your question, yes, it does make sense, and I’m obviously aware of the daily ‘need’ to find three new pictures, so I am more likely to go to different places, although, in London especially, that’s never a hardship, as there’s so much to see and photograph here, and I never really have any problems finding things to photograph in London.

    Oftentimes, though, I am just going to places anyway, both in London and Hampshire, and, as I carry a camera with me all the time, I take pictures as and when.

    And with only a handful of weeks now left till the end of this project, I’m confident I’ll get to the end of it without running out of photographic subjects ;).

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