A photo (or three) a day for 2012.

A frock in a shop window, a roadside flower…and a truly excellent evening gig by the Manfreds…

Was tempted to upload another Halloween shop window photo…but this one appealed to me more…

A rain-spattered flower, in Southampton Road. Titchfield at lunchtime today…

Spent the best part of the evening watching the first gig of The Manfreds’ 50th Anniversary Tour at the Kings Theatre, Albert Road, Southsea, and it was easily the best gig I’ve seen in quite a while, with Paul Jones, Mike d’Abo, Tom McGuinness, Mike Hugg and others. It finished with dancing in the aisles and standing ovations…a great evening’s entertainment :).

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3 thoughts on “A frock in a shop window, a roadside flower…and a truly excellent evening gig by the Manfreds…

  1. I don’t normally post the first comment on the daily uploads here, but there is a special reason for this. Tom McGuinness performed this tonight in Southsea with the Manfreds, and it was the concert’s outstanding highlight for me (and, incidentally, the song that got the first dancers up in the aisles!). When the daily uploads to this site finally end, on the 31st December this year, this seems to me to be as good a farewell song for this photoblog as any. Enjoy…:)

  2. secret squirrel on said:

    Great to hear the Manfreds again ~ such memories of the old days ~ lol.
    Glad you enjoyed the show ~ I bet it was great!!
    I would definitely have been up there dancing in the aisles too!

    That very retro looking dress in the shop window took me back in time as well! ~ only we had much shorter versions ~ haha! 🙂

  3. Yes, it was a great gig, probably the best I’ve been at for many a year, and I was especially pleased that Paul Jones is part of the reformed band; he was naturally one of the two major vocalists (along with Mike d’Abo) last Thursday night, and played some of his harmonica blues which went down well :).

    Haha, yes, in my FB days I remember seeing a photo of you wearing one of those ‘much shorter versions’ from that era….very fetching it was too ;).

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