A photo (or three) a day for 2012.

Hungerford Bridge and the South Bank

Busker on Hungerford Bridge, performing a steelpan version of Glenn Miller’s ‘In the Mood’ :).

Artwork currently in front of the Royal Festival Hall…

…and a sculpture currently beside the Hayward Gallery.

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3 thoughts on “Hungerford Bridge and the South Bank

  1. secret squirrel on said:

    Another interesting day out for you today! 🙂

  2. Haha..it may seem more interesting than it actually is sometimes ;). I’m usually in the area of the South Bank/Charing Cross/Chinatown every weekend, as I’m en route from Waterloo to north London. That said, there is usually plenty happening in that vicinity, whenever. For instance in Trafalgar Square yesterday, there was a Japanese ‘Matsuri 2012’ event (a festival featuring stage acts, with various stalls selling food and so on), while today, in front of the National Gallery there was an Anti War Coalition event, protesting against the war in Afghanistan. Anyway, I hope all’s well with you and yours on the Island, and I loved that family photo of you all that H recently put up on her blog :).

    • secret squirrel on said:

      There are certainly plenty of photo opportunities up there then. 🙂

      All good here thank you. I don’t think we have ever taken a picture with everyone together like that before ~ although we have a family gathering once a year. We do it in memory of my late brother. After we lost him we realised that we all were so busy with our own lives that time was passing and we didn’t get to see our siblings and their families enough. We all look forward to it, and this year we had some of my brother’s family over from America, so it was extra special. 🙂
      Take Care 🙂

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