A photo (or three) a day for 2012.

Singers and statues…

I’ve tickets for two gigs in Southsea next week: the wonderful Joan on the Monday, and a nostalgia trip with the Manfreds (once with Paul Jones et al) on the Thursday :).

…and talking of singers, on my first visit to this pub, some two and a half years ago, I encountered a bloke in the bar who turned out to be the 80’s singer Adam Ant, who was staying upstairs in the B & B at the time ;).

Waterfront statue at Portsmouth Harbour, with the Spinnaker Tower beyond.

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2 thoughts on “Singers and statues…

  1. wightvixen on said:

    Jealous!! I had a serious crush on Adam Ant way back when (ok I still do)! I must have a thing for men in makeup, it’s the same with Captain Jack Sparrow LOL.

  2. To be honest, I wouldn’t have recognised him that day (although I have vague memories of him performing ‘Stand and Deliver’ on TOTP in the 80s, and remember the expression ‘antmusic’ being associated with him :)). It was the barmaid who told me who it was, and he was wearing a hat, that rather reminded me of the character in Alice in Wonderland ;). Incidentally, since abandoning FB – never to return! – I’ve lost that means of contacting you and T, and it would be good to meet up again on the day of the Great South Run. Maybe you could send me an email, and we could organise a post-run rendezvous somewhere in Southsea that day. My email is my name, firstname.surname [at] btinternet.com. Hope to hear from you in the next couple of weeks sometime :).

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