A photo (or three) a day for 2012.

Back to Fratton Park…mais qui est Pam? ;)

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4 thoughts on “Back to Fratton Park…mais qui est Pam? ;)

  1. wightvixen on said:

    Elle est Pam!

  2. Pam’s a recurring feature of this series of graffiti posts around Fratton Park, and is evidently a significant figure in this graffiti artist’s life…or past. I think I met the said artist walking his dog around Fratton Park a few months back, and we had a ten minute chat, but I neglected to ask him about Pam. If our paths cross again, I might find out more ;).

  3. secret squirrel on said:

    Je suis Pam!! ~ it says it right there, on the 3rd pic! 😉
    Love the work though. 🙂

  4. Yes, I also like a lot of these visual creations (which are very often later overpainted) as they show a real artistic talent at times. I especially like the first one here, with the little blue cat forming part of the upright of the letter P. I suspect, in six months’ time, this one will have been overpainted too…

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