A photo (or three) a day for 2012.

Some Titchfield close-ups…

Err…a mystery insect 😉

I don’t know what this is either 😉

…and…some kind of finch maybe?

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2 thoughts on “Some Titchfield close-ups…

  1. wightvixen on said:

    More of a tit than a finch I think. Finches have blunter beaks don’t they?

  2. Yes, it could well be a tit; whatever it is, it appeared to be a juvenile, and that doesn’t help with the identification at all (for a novice like me!). When I first encountered it, it was on the pathway in front of me, but flew up into the nearby hedgerow as I approached. It was strangely immobile, and didn’t attempt to fly off as I moved the camera closer to it. Maybe some expert passing pair of eyes will solve the mystery in due course, but I couldn’t find a bird with those specific markings when I later consulted an ‘RSPB Birds of Britain and Europe’ book that I have…

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