A photo (or three) a day for 2012.

Public Art at Kings Hill…and thanks, Chris ;)…

‘Memorial to Group Captain Peter Townsend’ by Guy Portelli…

‘A Different Ball Game’ by Kevin Atherton…

‘Tug of War’ by W. Stanley Proctor.


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3 thoughts on “Public Art at Kings Hill…and thanks, Chris ;)…

  1. secret squirrel on said:

    Great sculptures ~ very unusual ~ which I love. 🙂
    Is that the same Group Captain Townsend who went out with Princess Margaret? What did he do to deserve a statue?

    • Yes, that’s the very man :). He was actually born in Burma, where, coincidentally, my Dad, also an RAF man, was posted in 1944… and, incidentally, they both died in the same year, 1995…As for what he did to earn a statue, I guess it was because he was a highly decorated fighter pilot, with close connections to the RAF airfield at West Malling in the Second World War…

      • secret squirrel on said:

        What coincidences!! And thank you for that information about Group Captain Townsend ~ you learn something new every day ~ very interesting. 🙂

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