A photo (or three) a day for 2012.

Last day of the London Olympics…Marathon spectating

An Irishman, from County Kerry apparently, after performing a jig for spectators outside Waterstone’s, near Trafalgar Square.

A precarious viewing platform. on top of a postbox, in Northumberland Avenue.

A welcome pint for me, watching the finish of the race, at a free viewing in the Royal Festival Hall.

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6 thoughts on “Last day of the London Olympics…Marathon spectating

  1. wightvixen on said:

    How’s your own running going? Did you give any more thought to entering the New Forest Half?

  2. Alas, my own running’s going nowhere at the moment :(. I’ve sustained a couple of separate lower back injuries over the past few months, and even my participation in the Great South Run this October is looking very doubtful (but I’ll still go down to Southsea Common on the day to watch the race)…

  3. wightvixen on said:

    What a pity 😦 I hope your back is better soon. Is there any possibility ofnanrefund on the GSR if you can’t run? Its an expensive one to have to write off.

  4. Thanks for the good wishes, but I’m not too concerned about forfeiting the entry fee to the Great South Run, although I will look at their website, to see what’s possible. Even if I don’t run it this year, I may try again next year, though not before convincing myself that I can get to the start-line injury-free, by running a couple of 10k races in the next six months or so :).

  5. It was a wonderful atmosphere, wasn’t it! we must wave the next time we meet on the South Bank 😀

  6. For sure :). I’m there quite often, usually at weekends, but we’ll have to devise some means of recognising one another ;).

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