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The Parsons Collar, Isle of Wight Shipwrecks and a Moody Fareham Sky…

Lunch today was half-a-dozen of us at a belated birthday meal, at The Parsons Collar pub in Whiteley, Hampshire.

Above our table in the pub, I was intrigued by this wall map, of Isle of Wight Shipwrecks…I’m going to see if I can find myself one on eBay ;).

A moody sky, above Fareham railway station, early evening.

Fratton Dusk

Residential flats near Fratton Park football ground.

Interesting sky, after earlier rainfall…

Tesco Express near Fratton Park c/w moon.


Either side of the Gosport Ferry…

Gosport High Street…with the sun going down..

Portsmouth, as seen across the water from gardens in Gosport…

The Ship Leopard, an abandoned pub on Portsmouth Hard.


Cloud abstract…Titchfield, around six o’clock this evening…

Sunset-gilded train carriage…in Fratton railway sidings.

Fratton sunset…around eightish this evening.



The Caribbean returns to Westbourne Grove…The Notting Hill Carnival 2012

There’s no escaping Usain Bolt in London this summer…but then, why wouldn’t Jamaicans be very proud of him :).

What a great way to travel…even if the procession was stationary at this point ;).

More happy Carnival-goers in Westbourne Grove :).

A visit to East Malling, via Victoria Station…

After buying the return ticket to East Malling, I had maybe 40 minutes wait for the Ashford International train, so The Iron Duke on the station concourse beckoned, and this is the view out of a window, of the Apollo Victoria, where Wicked is currently playing….

East Malling villlage, from Mill Street, with the King and Queen pub on the left, and the tower of St. James’ Church visible at the end of Church Walk.

Further along Mill Street, on the left, is Upper Mill, with these Oast Houses, now converted to homes, but formerly with a practical use as hop-drying kilns, and a feature of some Kentish and Sussex landscapes.

A generous half-pint at Golders Green…and caught in a thunderstorm at the North Circular…

The Refectory at Golders Green…and the dark band at the top is the railway bridge carrying the line into the Tube station.

At the bar, I’d ordered a pint of Kronenbourg, only to find that the tap ran dry two-thirds of the way up the pint-glass, so I was charged for only a half-pint. The football, by the way, was today’s game Swansea City 3 West Ham 0, with a Sky match commentary in a language which I assumed to be Welsh, and a following studio discussion in English! Very strange…

After leaving the pub, I wandered northwards to Finchley. Nearing the North Circular Road, a thunderstorm developed, and, drenched, I mused that maybe an 82 or 460 bus would have been a better option 😉

A red rose, a Fratton face, and another bee ;)

Red rose, in a garden in Segensworth Road, Titchfield.

More graffiti from Fratton Park…

A bumble-bee in Segensworth Road.

Eжевика…and Albert Road at nightfall.

If you ever wondered where ‘yizhivika’ originated…here’s the answer, ежевика, Russian for ‘blackberries’ 😉

Towards the eastern end of Albert Road…The Bold Forester, and The Leopold pubs.

And at the western end of Albert Road, outside of the King’s Theatre.

The Great Moscow State Circus on Southsea Common

First day of the Moscow State Circus’s performances on Southsea Common…and excellent they were too.

The performance ran from around five to eight till ten past ten with a 25 minute interval, and this was taken towards the end of the first half.

Might be a bit difficult to make her out, but there is a woman trapeze artist suspended from what looks like a giant turquoise lampshade at the top of the picture ;).

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