A photo (or three) a day for 2012.

From a quietish Covent Garden…to anything but at Stratford Westfield…

The South Hall at Covent Garden Piazza, late morning today.

Another Wenlock, this one, Flower Seller Mandeville, in Covent Garden Piazza.

‘Orbit’, Anish Kapoor’s Olympic sculpture, as seen from the Viewing Platform in John Lewis at Westfield, Stratford.

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2 thoughts on “From a quietish Covent Garden…to anything but at Stratford Westfield…

  1. secret squirrel on said:

    London looked eerily empty on the News earlier :-S
    Have you been to the Olympics at all?

  2. London’s definitely had its centre of gravity shifted eastwards since the start of the Olympics, and although TV journalists naturally carefully choose the images they want to back up whatever story they are telling, there is some truth in the picture that they are painting of the relative emptiness of the West End in recent days. As yet, I’ve not seen any live Olympic events, and today’s visit to the Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford was to join XQ there, as she’d donated her ticket for the Diving event at the Aquatics Centre there today to her nephew (the son of the couple I took over to the Isle of Wight last summer!). He works for a Chinese television company, and is staying in East London for the next couple of weeks. I met XQ in John Lewis, which has a viewing platform over the Olympic Park on its third floor, hence the photo of the Orbit sculpture here. John Lewis, and Westfield, were extremely busy today, and I had to queue for 20 minutes, and pay two quid (going to local charities) for the visit to the viewing platform. It was free, and naturally much less crowded, when XQ and I visited it together earlier this year. I have got Olympic tickets for next week, for events at Earl’s Court, and Wembley, but I won’t get to visit the Olympic Stadium itself until early September, for the Paralympics.

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