A photo (or three) a day for 2012.

Alver Valley…mission aborted…

Bee…or is it a wasp?…on a flower.

Thought I was going to see The Villagers Open Air Drama Group’s production of The Winter’s Tale here tonight…but I got the wrong day!

Oh, well, I’ll be back tomorrow..but, for now, the X88 bus to the Gosport Ferry ;).

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2 thoughts on “Alver Valley…mission aborted…

  1. It’s one thing turning up to an event on the wrong day when you’re on your own, but…..

    When I was about 12 we set out on a school trip from the Island to the Weald and Downland museum and the Fishbourne Roman Villa. Upon arriving at Weald and Downland we found it was shut! You’d think that a school party would need a booking, or would at least think to call and check!

  2. Yes, extremely poor planning, and a lot of disappointed schoolkids no doubt :(. Anyway, I’m just about to set off for the performance again this evening, and I’ll doubtless post up some pictures later :).

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