A photo (or three) a day for 2012.

Yet more Pompey graffiti…

Gate 7…Be Excellent to Each Other.

A Pompey kangaroo…:)

Queue starts here…and I think ‘Fark’ is probably┬áthe artist…


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2 thoughts on “Yet more Pompey graffiti…

  1. They’re an artistic lot down your way, we don’t this kind of stuff in Southampton. Either that, or I never go in the right (wrong?) areas.

  2. Yes, as I think I’ve mentioned before, I’m ambivalent about graffiti in general, as so much of it is a veritable and talentless eyesore, but a lot of this stuff surrounding Pompey’s ground is actually done by someone with talent. I was speaking to a Pompey fan this morning at work, and he said a lot of it has been there for some years, so obviously the football club tolerate its presence. It does change though; the hoodie picture I uploaded a week or so ago, was painted over a blue-faced individual that I’d uploaded here a month or two back. There is still other good stuff at Fratton Park that I’ve yet to upload, so there will be a few more of these graffiti posts, but I’ll give you a break from it for a few days ­čśë

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