A photo (or three) a day for 2012.

Atop the Spinnaker Tower

A view of Southsea Common

Part of Portsmouth Dockyard and Portsmouth Harbour railway station…with the Gosport Ferry, HMS Warrior (1860) a distant HMS Victory, and an aircraft carrier also visible…

One of the three viewing platforms of the Spinnaker Tower, with Gosport in the middle distance, and the Isle of Wight on the horizon…

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2 thoughts on “Atop the Spinnaker Tower

  1. We finally got round to doing the Spinnaker Tower 2 years ago, after after having said we ‘must’ ever since it opened. Great pity they never got the external lift working properly. Great views though. Still can’t upload the Portsmouth photos from the other day on FB, don’t know what’s up with it grrrr!

  2. I think yesterday was probably the fourth time I’ve gone to the top of the Spinnaker in the past few years (most of the time I’ve been showing the views to my mum or my sisters when they’ve visited Portsmouth), but yesterday’s was slightly unusual in that it coincided with some kind of wedding event that was taking place later in the evening on the viewing platforms, and they were carting tables up in the lift whilst I was there! On a clear day like yesterday though, as you say, you get some great views, and you’ll doubtless recognise the stretch of Southsea seafront that you wandered along during your recent ten mile ramble. Hmmm, I’m not sure why you’re having such problems uploading the photos to FB: I’ve not tried to upload any pictures there recently, although I may do so this coming weekend with the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant taking place on the Sunday (which XQ and I will be attending). Anyway, I look forward to seeing your own Portsmouth photos on FB in due course :).

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