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The Dictator, Richard the Lionheart, and one final bit of Fratton graffiti…

I shan’t be going to see the film, but I thought the poster contributed something to the composition of this picture…taken in Goldsmith Avenue, Fratton.

I’d never really noticed these commemorative plaques on the railings in Goldsmith Avenue before…but, apparently, in 1194 Richard the Lionheart granted Portsmouth its first Royal Charter…

Part of the long continuous fence at the eastern end of Pompey’s ground, with part of the away fans’ terrace visible above.

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5 thoughts on “The Dictator, Richard the Lionheart, and one final bit of Fratton graffiti…

  1. secret squirrel on said:

    Are artists commissioned to paint this graffiti or do they sneak and do it under cover of darkness? 🙂

  2. Good question! I’m not sure to be honest, although I’d guess it’s more likely to be done under the cover of darkness. That said, it seems to be tolerated for now, although whether it will still be there in five years’ time is anyone’s guess. To be sure, it wasn’t commissioned by Portsmouth Football Club; if it had been there would have been a much more obvious Pompey football theme…:)

  3. secret squirrel on said:

    Banksi did one (or more) of his pictures on the Island. They were immediately removed by the council!! ~ even though they were very good and not in places that would have caused any offence to anyone ~ grrr!

  4. Seems a very short-sighted policy in the case of Banksy; I reckon they could have opened them up as tourist attractions ;). Funnily enough, I passed a shop in Cecil Court, off the Charing Cross Road, this afternoon, that was selling framed photographs of some Banksy artwork (for that’s what it is) for fifteen and thirty quid each (it was the one of the young girl with a balloon, if you’ve seen it…)

  5. secret squirrel on said:

    Oops! ~ sorry ~ wrong spelling 🙂 Yes, I do know that one ~ it’s lovely. Our council was probably too silly to recognise them and I guess regretted it when they realised what they had done. 🙂

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