A photo (or three) a day for 2012.

A Covent Garden diversion…

Never discovered her name, but she was a knife-juggling acrobat, performing outside St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden, mid-afternoon today.

She persuaded a Dutch chap in the audience to throw the three knives up to her…

Here’s the climax of her act…and no, she didn’t drop any ;).

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4 thoughts on “A Covent Garden diversion…

  1. secret squirrel on said:

    Woah!! Rather her than me ~ what a way to earn a crust ~ lol!

  2. Quite! I just happened to be paying a visit to a bank nearby, when I chanced upon this performance (it’s the kind where you throw money into a hat in appreciation). In fact, I had a slight problem in deciding upon which three photos of those I took to upload, but settled for these in the end :).

  3. Yes, I saw some impressive acrobatics performed by the Chinese State Circus in Fareham last night, but in its own way, this knife-juggling act was no less extraordinary :). Incidentally, these pictures were some of the very last taken with the Panasonic digital compact that I’ve used for virtually all the photos on this photo-blog so far; it seized up on me yesterday (from overwork and neglect), so I’ll be using a different digital compact from now on ;).

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