A photo (or three) a day for 2012.

Titchfield Skies

Titchfield rainbow...


Titchfield sky...


Cyan sky...

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2 thoughts on “Titchfield Skies

  1. That’s an amazing rainbow pic. Has it been ‘helped’ in any way?

  2. Only in the sense that I cropped the original image (to bring the rainbow in a bit closer to give it more prominence) and increased the saturation somewhat (to bring out the colours of the rainbow better) but otherwise, the picture is pretty much as I saw it (the perfect arc of the rainbow really did appear like that). It was about 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon, I suppose, after a brief and distant thunderstorm, and I was lucky that I caught sight of it, and managed to grab a quick picture of it before it disappeared. As an aside, I rather like the T shape that the streetlamp makes in the foreground, since the photo was taken in Titchfield ;).

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