A photo (or three) a day for 2012.

Fareham, West Street, morning…

Morning shadows, West Street, Fareham, contre jour...

J.M.W. Turner's "The Fighting Temeraire", (detail), in a shop window, with apologies to the artist ;).

Ice cream concession, Fareham Shopping Centre.

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4 thoughts on “Fareham, West Street, morning…

  1. Love the first one, very atmospheric.

  2. Thanks :). I was interested to see your fruit in sepia photo and your mention of Streamzoo (which was unknown to me). I tend to use either Paintshop Pro (when in London) or the innate photo-editing software that comes with Windows 7 (when in Hampshire), to edit my photos. Ideally, I’d like to do as little editing of the original image as possible, but, in practice, I do tend to use cropping, contrast and saturation tools quite a lot ;). In the case of this against the light picture, I decided it also works better in sepia :).

  3. I have Photoshop Elements for ‘proper’ photos taken with an actual camera, but all my blog pics are taken with my phone, and directly uploaded via the WordPress app, without having to muck about with the computer. I’m not generally a huge fan of over-editing either, preferring to see the picture as nature intended, but some special effects can be quite cool. My daughter has a camera that takes amazing black and white and sepia photos. She took a pic of a steam-train in sepia a couple of years ago, it’s one of my favourite photos ever.

  4. I must admit, I’d really struggle maintaining this blog, with its three pictures a day, if I didn’t have access to a digital compact and some photo-editing software. It’s an interesting daily challenge though, finding three pictures to upload, when the daily work routine tends to find me in pretty much the same locations five days a week. I am enjoying the challenge, however, and you begin to look at the world in a slightly different way in search of the photographs. Incidentally, I also have Photoshop Elements, but I don’t use it much, mainly as I can’t be bothered to climb what seems to me to be too steep a learning curve ;). Life was a lot more straightforward in the days of 35mm film cameras :).

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