A photo (or three) a day for 2012.

Some lunchtime red berry rambling…a little quiz ;)

Okay, this is the easy one…so on to the next…

What are these berries?….

And these?…answers on a postcard please…;)

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4 thoughts on “Some lunchtime red berry rambling…a little quiz ;)

  1. Erm…pass, I’m afraid, apart from the holly. I’m somewhat horticulturally challenged!

  2. Haha…you’re not the only one ;)…but maybe, someday, a random pair of passing eyes will enlighten us both :). By the way, this is turning into more of a challenge than I imagined; it’s no problem when I’m in London, but the routine of the working week leaves me scratching my head for new ideas for photos at times, and I’m wondering how bad it’ll be in, say, November! Never mind, I’ll stick it out, and I’m sure you will too :).

  3. secret squirrel on said:

    Who cares what they are called 🙂 ~ they make wonderful photos! I do recognise them all but no idea of the names apart from the Holly.

  4. Yeah, a rose by any name would smell as sweet. :). And, of course, a Holly bush produces lovely berries too ;)…

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