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Leap Day 2012

Metro newspaper & weekly season ticket.


Great Wall Chinese Restaurant, Gosport.


Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth Harbour, as seen from Gosport.

Off to the library….for an overdue course assignment…

Fareham Library...10.40 am.


Away we go; Module 3 assignment awaits...


In the Vanguard pub...well, the library shuts at 5.00 pm on Tuesday.



Charity Shops in Gosport High Street (three of half-a-dozen)…

The Salvation Army charity shop, Gosport High Street.

British Heart Foundation charity shop, Gosport High Street.

Solent Diabetes Association charity shop, Gosport High Street.

Spring-like Morning in North London

Totteridge Lane, N20, and Tube Station (but no trains today; engineering work).


Totteridge Lane, N20...tree and crocuses...


Redwood Cafe...Swan Lane Open Space, London N20.


Samaritans, South Bank Juggler & Free (Expat) Newspapers at Euston Station

New poster at Fratton station...


Juggler-cum-fire-eater...London's South Bank...spot the ball...and the photographer ;).


Free newspapers for London's diverse communities at Euston Station.


Shop windows after dark…

Rawsons the Florist, West Street, Fareham

Oxfam Bookshop, West Street, Fareham.

Fareham Gallery, West Street, Fareham

Impressionistic Dusk, my Ba Gua Avatar and The Ship Anson

Just before going home time at work...

My WordPress avatar...in colour ;).

The Ship Anson pub, Portsmouth Harbour, showing Man Utd 1 Ajax 2...great game :).

Awaiting the 06:59, £35 Carvela Shoes & The Ship of Peace.

Fratton station, early morning...

New Carvela shoes, size 7, in the Stubbington Ark Charity Shop.

The Ship of Peace, by Vladimir Sokhonevitch.

A continuing fascination with Fareham West Street sculptures…

Not Big Ben exactly, but interesting all the same...

I think this one works better in black and white...


Flags, abstract trees and dolls…

Monday Street Market, West Street, Fareham.

Tree, Segensworth Road, Titchfield.

British Red Cross Charity Shop Window, West Street, Fareham.

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