A photo (or three) a day for 2012.

Chinese New Year in London

Greensleeves being played on an Er Hu (Chinese musical instrument).


A bearer of Chinese New Year gifts...


Trafalgar Square Interview...is he well-known? Not sure...


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3 thoughts on “Chinese New Year in London

  1. Obviously the bloke being interviewed can’t be that well known or the crowd wouldn’t be ignoring him.

  2. Yes, you’re probably right, although ‘well known’ is a relative term. He looks quite athletic to me, so he may be a London sportsperson of some kind, but then again, he might’ve just been a randomly chosen passer-by, asked for his thoughts on The Chinese New Year ;).

  3. PS. Incidentally, the woman in the light turquoise coat, towards the extreme right of the picture, was amusing herself juggling balls while I was in Trafalgar Square yesterday. I took a couple of photos of her doing it, but decided not to use them on here…

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