A photo (or three) a day for 2012.

Morning Pub Crawl, West Street, Fareham

The Brass Monkey

The Crown

The Vanguard


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4 thoughts on “Morning Pub Crawl, West Street, Fareham

  1. Secret Squirrel :) on said:

    Is that quite near Fernaham Hall where H played last year?

  2. Yes, it’s no more than ten minutes’ walk away. These pubs are all close together, and more-or-less opposite Fareham Shopping Centre, behind which lies Ferneham Hall. In fact, I’ll be returning to Ferneham Hall in late April this year, with my partner, to see the Chinese State Circus perform there. :).

  3. Secret Squirrel :) on said:

    We walked around the town to waste time the day we were there….unfortunately though, all but the paper shop were closed 😦
    Sounds like they have quite a few good acts at Ferneham Hall……enjoy! 🙂

  4. Yes, paper shops and pubs aside, I think Fareham can be a bit grim on a Sunday, but fortunately I’m rarely there then; most Sundays I’m in London…

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